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Client Testimonials

Nick McDowell

“Ashley approaches every script and re-read with an intuitive perspective on narrative quality and industry inner-workings. She’s an expert at unearthing the best story beneath your current draft. Her thorough notes pinpoint exact trouble spots, highlight overarching issues, and offer launching points for successful (and enjoyable) rewrites. I trusted Ashley’s point-of-view after her years of working in Hollywood’s management and development realm. She also cared about the script she read and the writer when delivering feedback. I have no doubt that her guidance made my first feature script, Monsters Inside (2021 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Semi-Finalist), a successful first-step in my screenwriting career.”


Olivia Traversi

"Ashley is an incredible resource for anyone who has their sights set on storytelling! Whether you're working on a pilot, building out a story arc, or tightening a screenplay, she's the right person to turn to for guidance. In my experience, working with her on two screenplays of completely different genres, she went through broad-strokes pointers for structural cohesion and honed in on specifics in dialogue or characterization that would tell the story in a more moving or impactful way. The best part of working with Ashley is the way she understood my characters, and was able to enter the world I'd created that was once just in my own head. She can artfully discuss their behaviors and decisions in ways that are completely true to their intentions. And more importantly, when she sees obstacles that are getting in the way of the story's flow, she comes ready with potential solutions for smoothing them out. With Ashley's seven+ years of experience as a creative executive, she is able to give a fine-tuned perspective that gives me so much more confidence about what my next steps are, and how to achieve them. Lastly, she speaks with incredible eloquence. It's the cherry on top of the whole experience because everyone has opinions, but almost no one can express them in a way that makes complete sense. She knows what she's talking about, and she can explain the "why" of her notes, all of which are building your script toward its strongest point. I can't recommend her enough!"

Kelly Brady

"You are lucky if you get the opportunity to work with Ashley. Not only is she experienced, but she sincerely cares about the development of your script. Upon first working with Ashley she created such a safe and secure environment for my writing partner and I. She was patient, listened to our goals and desires for the story, and gave us constructive feedback. She knows how to work with writers and understands the rigor of this process. Furthermore, Ashely is in this for the passion and that element to her is so refreshing. You are in very good hands if you decide to work with her. As a matter of fact, if you get the chance to work with Ashley, take it!"

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