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Meet Ashley

Script & Development Consultant

Growing up, Ashley was a voracious reader and writer who dreamed of someday writing books, films, and television series. As a young girl from a small midwest town with no real access to entertainment industry experiences or connections, she had to forge her own path into the industry and learn from anyone that would take a chance on her. At the age of thirteen, she began to reach out to her favorite authors through social media. Luckily, many of them replied and she was blessed to forge close relationships and mentorships with professional writers who took her in under their wings and gave her early Masterclasses of sorts. She learned about writing, worldbuilding, structure, and character creation straight from the source.


When she wasn’t chatting up authors online and writing late into the night, Ashley was putting herself through an online homeschooling program, working a part-time job, and logging nearly 20 hours a week at her local Community Theater. In live theater, she found an environment where she could learn as much as possible about bringing a script to life. She was guided by an amazing community of quirky theater adults who treated her like family and taught her how to break down scripts, develop characters into fully fleshed-out individuals, and highlight themes and tones through actions and visuals, not just words. 


At the age of 18, Ashley left her small town to attend Columbia College Chicago and earned her BA in Film with a minor in Television Writing and Producing. At CCC she was able to learn from experienced industry professionals and collaborate with incredibly talented peers who pushed her to be a better writer and content producer every day. But while it’s an experience that Ashley would never take back, she had to pay a hefty tuition price for the access and knowledge that she gained. Tuition that she’ll likely be paying back for the rest of her adult life. …Stop me if this sounds familiar.


A few years later, Ashley made it to LA, the goal she had been working towards since she was five years old. Yet, she found herself unsure of how to move forward. She wanted to write and develop content, but the scripts that she received strong grades and feedback on in school didn’t seem to stand out from the pack. With no one to turn to for professional guidance, she struggled to know what to change or adjust. Her friends and peers were just as lost and unsure as she was. It was as though everyone knew something that Ashley and her friends didn’t, even after all of the time and money that they spent in school. Eventually, Ashley was blessed to get a great job working for an experienced producer who took a chance on her. Suddenly, the doors were open and all of the knowledge was accessible, so she soaked up anything and everything that she could. 


As much as Ashley loved working with experienced writers and creators to develop their material into the best version of itself, she couldn’t help but wonder what a difference it would make to be able to share that same level of thoughtful professional feedback with newer writers who really need the guidance most. That's why she started Bottle of Dreams Script Consultancy. Ashley's experiences being mentored and guided by professional writers, opened her eyes at a very young age to the power that virtual connections can provide. “Hollywood” in particular is an industry with a reputation for gatekeeping. There are thousands of people all over the world with talent, passion, and interest in screenwriting, that don’t quite know where to start or how to make their material as strong as it can be. 


At Bottle of Dreams, Ashley wants to help break down those mysterious barriers by dispensing individualized insight accessible from anywhere at an affordable price. You don't have to pay for a daunting 9-week screenwriting course to get feedback on a first draft that you’ve likely already written. You don't have to be 1 of 10 or more people in a digital or in-person workshop to receive advice or guidance on your next steps. You don’t have to shell out expensive tuition to learn how to take a concept to the page. Most importantly, you don't have to be in LA. Ashley will connect with you over Zoom and use her professional experience and skill set to provide detailed notes and creative suggestions to polish your material and strengthen your writing. If you have a story that you’ve been longing to tell, then contact Ashley here at Bottle of Dreams, and together you can bring your dream to life.

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