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Together we can bring your dream to life.

Online Script and Development Consulting 

with Ashley Smith

Meet Ashley

Script and Development Consultant

Ashley Smith is an experienced Film and Television development professional with a passion for working with new screenwriters to make their material as strong as it can be. 


Ashley spent nearly 7 years at a boutique development and talent management company where she became deeply involved with every development project, management client, and aspect of running the business. She oversaw a rich development slate of films, ongoing series, and limited series across genres and developed projects for Amazon, Sony TV, FX, Universal TV, Paramount TV, Legendary Global, MGM, Concord Originals, and many others. She was directly involved in acquiring the rights to a global bestselling book that she helped develop as a series adaptation that was successfully pitched and sold to MGM and FX. Ashley had the honor of developing with some of the top screenwriters and best-selling authors in the business, providing thoughtful notes to improve all documents, pitch materials, and script drafts.


But that wasn’t always the case; once upon a time, she was probably a lot like you…


What I Specialize In

Strategizing the best way to put your dream on the page

Breaking down the barriers of the entertainment industry by meeting with you online from anywhere

Developing your series or feature from concept to first draft

Providing detailed professional notes to polish your script drafts and revisions

Coaching you through creating a strong pitch document and presentation deck


"Ashley is an incredible resource for anyone who has their sights set on storytelling!"

"Ashley approaches every script and re-read with an intuitive perspective on narrative quality and industry inner-workings. She’s an expert at unearthing the best story beneath your current draft. Her thorough notes pinpoint exact trouble spots, highlight overarching issues, and offer launching points for successful (and enjoyable) rewrites."

- Nick McDowell, 
2021 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Semi-Finalist (Top 25 in Science Fiction)

"The best part of working with Ashley is the way she understood my characters, and was able to enter the world I'd created that was once just in my own head. She can artfully discuss their behaviors and decisions in ways that are completely true to their intentions. And more importantly, when she sees obstacles that are getting in the way of the story's flow, she comes ready with potential solutions for smoothing them out."

- Olivia Traversi

Upon first working with Ashley she created such a safe and secure environment for my writing partner and I. She was patient, listened to our goals and desires for the story, and gave us constructive feedback. She knows how to work with writers and understands the rigor of this process. You are in very good hands if you decide to work with her. As a matter of fact, if you get the chance to work with Ashley, take it!"

- Kelly Brady

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Let’s Get Started


Dream Sharing- $25

35 Minutes

Let's connect for an introductory conversation where I can share my background and process with you, learn more about your background, and identify the kind of help you're hoping to receive with your script.

I'd like to know where you are in your process currently- do you have a script finished? The start of an idea? An outline? Or are you starting to work on your pitch documents? I'd also like to know what your experience has been working on this project, what inspired the idea, and what your frustrations have been. 
Let's get to know one another and see if there's a way for me to help.

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